A beer for Austin: Strange Land Brewery’s new canned pilsner, the Austinite

Photo contributed by Tim Klatt. The Austinite is a pilsner meant to be enjoyed in a hot Central Texas summer.

Photo contributed by Tim Klatt. The Austinite is a pilsner meant to be enjoyed in a hot Central Texas summer.

Strange Land Brewery has strayed from its tradition of brewing unconventional styles to make a pilsner — with a name that’s hard to forget for anyone who lives in and loves Central Texas: the Austinite.

The brewery’s two co-founders, Tim Klatt and Adam Blumenshein, “developed the Austinite Pilz in order to add to our portfolio a light, clean and easy-drinking brew (that) doesn’t compromise our high-craft approach to beer,” Klatt said via email. The duo is calling it “an honest beer for true Austinites.”

At 5 percent ABV and coming in a bright red and gold can, the pilsner may well become many locals’ go-to beer this summer.

According to Klatt, “the Austinite Pilz, our postmodern take on the pilsner, transcends the simple boundaries of ‘ale’ and ‘lager.’ Harking back to the brewing tradition prior to the mid-1800s, before the predominance of light and flavorless beers fermented with lager yeast, the Austinite is top-fermented at low temperature and lightly lagered to produce a light-to-medium body and clean finish.”

And why did he and Blumenshein decide to call it the Austinite, clearly the quickest way to all local beer lovers’ hearts?

“Adam and I have lived in Austin now for a combined almost 40 years; we love Austin, we are inspired by Austin, and we wanted to craft the perfect brew for Austinites — a beer that compliments the eight months of summer we have here,” Klatt said. “Once you experience it, I’m sure you’ll agree that the beer essentially named itself.”

It launched at Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden yesterday, but people will be able to find it in bars and stores across the city. For more information, visit strangelandbrewery.com.

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