Hey, Longhorns: the Austinite Pilz now comes in burnt-orange cans

Contributed by Strange Land Brewery. Here's your new tailgating beer: the Austinite Pilz is now in burnt-orange cans.
Contributed by Strange Land Brewery. Here’s your new tailgating beer: the Austinite Pilz is now in burnt-orange cans.

Strange Land Brewery’s Austinite Pilz debuted in cans this summer as a tribute to the people of this town who love good beer.

The cans, with gold lettering and a fire-engine red background, were hard to miss on shelves, and the easy-drinking pilsner — a much more recognizable style than some of Strange Land’s more esoteric brews — quickly became Strange Land’s bestselling beer, allowing the Westlake Hills brewery to plan a big expansion.

Now that UT football is in full swing, Strange Land is releasing the Austinite Pilz in burnt-orange cans.

That’s in keeping with why the brewery’s co-founders, Adam Blumenshein and Tim Klatt, named it the Austinite Pilz in the first place: because what is Austin without our beloved Longhorns?

“We named it ‘the Austinite’ because it pairs so well with all things Austin: food trucks, tailgating, hiking-and-biking, etc,” Blumenshein said in a release. “It was a perfect fit. We love and are inspired by Austin, so we wanted to craft the perfect beer for Austinites.”

For the pilsner, Klatt and Blumenshein had cracked open history books and discovered “a rich tradition of pilsner brewing that pre-dated the modern approach of low-temperature lagered beers,” Blumenshein said in the release. The result was instantaneous, Klatt said this summer: “We’ve gotten a tremendous response in the taproom where people come in and say, ‘Oh, I hate pilsners, but I love this.’”

The color change is supposed to be temporary, just as a fall release, but don’t those cans look nice? Find 12-packs of the burnt-orange Austinite Pilz exclusively at HEB stores.

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