First look: South Austin’s St. Elmo Brewing

Photo by Heather Gallagher. Bryan Winslow and Tim Bullock, the founders of St. Elmo Brewing, are currently building it in South Austin.
Photo by Heather Gallagher. Bryan Winslow and Tim Bullock, the founders of St. Elmo Brewing, are currently building it in South Austin.

Two Austin Beerworks alums — after learning from some of the best brewers in town — have decided to open a brewery of their own in South Austin.

St. Elmo Brewing is one of the businesses opening at the Yard, an in-the-works collection of creative spaces, including offices, a recording studio, a restaurant, artist studios and a distillery, all off South Congress Avenue. Like the bulk of the Yard, the brewery is currently under construction, with tentative plans to open this summer.

Founded by Tim Bullock and Bryan Winslow, St. Elmo Brewing “strives to be a positive contribution to the cultural growth of Austin and its beer scene,” Bullock said.

He and Winslow have a trio of beers already planned out: a clean kolsch called Carl, a hoppy pale ale called Chico and a dry stout called Angus. Ultimately, though, the duo is open to brewing just about any style of beer and will offer a wide range at the brewpub.

“There’s not a style that we don’t like, and we really want to dip our feet into all the beer styles out there,” Bullock, who will be St. Elmo’s front-of-house-manager, said. “We’ll have three awesome, easy-drinking house beers. Our go-to beers. Beers you always want to drink. Beers you don’t have to think about, but if you do, there’s a lot to think about.”

The kolsch is full-flavored, taking “the best parts of the ale and lager worlds and (putting) them into one amazing sip,” according to the St. Elmo Brewing website. In the pale ale, “moderate bitterness tees up the citrus and bright-fruit blast of hops in your nostrils.” And the dry, balanced stout goes against its usual style by being low ABV — so you can have more than one.

At St. Elmo, visitors will be able to relax in a beer hall, with views of the 15 barrel brewhouse, or outside in a beer garden where a food trailer will serve southeast Asian street food.

That’s something Bullock is especially excited about. The new food truck, called Soursop, was founded by Teddy Bricker, who “started cooking at 2 Michelin-starred restaurant Gilt in New York and moved to Austin a few years ago, where he worked alongside Paul Qui at East Side King… We’ve already done some tastings of sample menus, and we’re super pumped about pairing the food and the beer in our beer garden.”

But St. Elmo Brewing plans to be much more than a brewery. Bullock and Winslow will have coffee, house-made sodas and mineral water called Wholly Water, to offer “something for everyone.”

“We also plan to incorporate a diverse events calendar at our space to include music, storytelling and brewers panels,” Bullock said. “Our hope is to engage our neighborhood and break down the barrier between brewer and drinker.”

St. Elmo Brewing is opening in the Yard at 440 E. St. Elmo Rd. For more information, visit

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